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Odcdm. - Odontocidium  (Odontoglossum Oncidium)

Odcdm. Autumn Tints

NZOS Autumn Show (2012)

Odcdm. Autumn Tints

NZOS Winter Show (2012)

Odcdm. Crowborough 'Plush'

NZOS Autumn Show (2012)

Odcdm. Dorothy Wisnom

NZOS Spring Show (2008)

Odcdm. Gold Bar Mountain

Spring Show (2010)

Odcdm. Golden Trident

Howick Orchid Society Spring Show (2012)

Odcdm. Golden Trident

NZOS Spring Show (2011)

Odcdm. Goldfinger

OCNZ AGM Howick (2012)

Odcdm. Goldfinger 'Geyserland'

NZOS Autumn Show (2012)

Odcdm. Hans Neuenhaus

Whangarei Orchid Society Show (2007)

Odcdm. Hans Neuenhaus 'Bert'

6NZIOE PN (2010) Best Oncidiinae

Odcdm. Hans Parade

North Shore Orchid Society & ANOS Show (2007)

Odcdm. Papatoetoe Prophet

Spring Show (2010) Del Chandler Cup (Best Oncidium Alliance)

Odcdm. Papatoetoe Prophet 'Prediction'

NZOS Winter Show (2009)

Odcdm. Susan Kaufman 'Red'

Te Puke Orchid Show (2011)

Odcdm. Tiger Butter 'Caroline Dallwood'

Howick Orchid Society Show (2009)

Odcdm. Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl'

Howick Orchid Society Spring Show (2012)

Odcdm. Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl'

NZOS Autumn Show (2011)

Odcdm. Tiger Hambuhren × Odm. Holiday Gold

Spring Show (2010) E & D Campbell Cup (Best Culture & Presentation excluding Cymbidiums)

Odcdm. Volcano Hula Halau 'Volcano Queen'

Popular plant August 2011 grown by Leroy Orchids.

Odcdm. Wildcat 'Tricolor'

OCNZ AGM Howick (2012)


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