These plants were voted by members as the most popular at club meetings in 2013.
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December: Burt & Evelyn Ong's Mps. Crimson Cascade

November: Ron Reeves's Ada keilliana

October: Ken Morse's Masd. Elouise Harper 'Paradise'

September: Wendy Gilligan's Lc. Nandi?

September: Bryan Sharpe's Den. Unknown (nobile type)

August: Leroy Orchids's Epi Snow Cocktail Pacific Sunset

July: Ken Morse's Ons. Wildcat

June: Chris Whitby's Paph. (Hsinying Rujo Macabre) 'Shellnick'

June: Bryan Sharpe's Alcra. Marfitch

May: Barry Baxter's Onc. Sugar Babies

April: Chris Whitby's Ctsm. Orchid Glade 'Davie Ranchies'

March: Beryl Calder's Ctsm pileatum


List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
Ada. Ada Natural
Alcra. Aliceara Brassia Miltonia Oncidium
Ctsm. Catasetum Natural
Epi. Epidendrum Natural
Masd. Masdevalia Natural
Mps. Miltoniopsis Natural
Onc. Oncidium Natural
Paph. Paphiopedilum Natural