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Angcm. sesquipedale

Corban Cup (Grand Champion) & Hardy & Fouquette Trophy (Best Species)

Aergs. citrata

Gs. pulchra

Lyc. Spring Rainbow

Angcst. Sanderae

Coel. Unchained Melody

Cym. Sarah Jean 'Ice Cascade'

C. Itsa Blue 'Blue Moon'

syn: Lc. Itsa Blue 'Blue Moon'

C. Petite Song 'Pink Buttons'

syn: Slc. Petite Song 'Pink Buttons'
N & R Armstrong Cup (Best Compact Cattleya < 90mm)

C. Pat Thrall

syn: Slc. Pat Thrall
Cattleya Cup (Best Cattleya > 90mm)

Cym. Bronze Tiger

Cym. Leroy 's Mountain 'Bronze Age'

Mallana Cup (Best Cymbidium > 90mm)

Cym. Last Yowie 'Dark Tide'

Finlay Tray (Best Cymbidium 60-90mm)

Den. Queen Southeast 'Royal'

Phal. Chian Zen Roseherz

Cym. goeringii 'Zhen Butterfly'

Cym. hookerianum 'Seedling No. 3 Yellow'

Paph. Norito Hasegawa

Paph. Mac Imp 'Shellnick'

Paph. Maudiae Grand Illusions 'Shellnick Viny'

Mary Jones Trophy (Best Paphiopedillum)

Cym. goeringii var. longibracteatum 'Mountain Snow'

Cym. goeringii var. longibracteatum 'Long Chang Su'

Masd. Kimball's Sun

Joyce Underwood Trophy (Best Pleurothallid Alliance)

Ons. Anna-Claire

syn: Odm. Anna Claire
Del Chandler Cup (Best Oncidium Alliance) & Bill van der Linden Mem. Trophy (Reserve Champion)

Npp Adelaide Jester

Cym. goeringii var. longibracteatum 'Han Zhu Sha'

Cym. goeringii

Sns. junciflora

Ptst. pedunculata

Din. polybulbon

Cym. goeringii var. papyfiflorum

Cym. goeringii var. longibracteatum 'Mini Handsome'

Cym. sinense 'Elephant'

Sincere Orchids Display

NZOS Display

CSA Display

Villa Orchids Display

Tuckers Orchids Nursery Display

Hibiscus Coast OS Display

Howick OS Display

Whangarei OS Display

K & R Orchids Display

North Shore OS Display

Bay of Islands OS Display

South Auckland OS Display

Leroy Orchids Display

John Hughes Cup (Best Commercial Display)

Waikato OS Display

Flower Power

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List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
Aergs. Aerangis Natural
Angcm. Angraecum Natural
Angcst. Angulocaste Anguloa Lycaste
C. Cattleya Natural
Coel. Coelogyne Natural
Cym. Cymbidium Natural
Den. Dendrobium Natural
Din. Dinema Natural
Gs. Gastrorchis Natural
Lc. Laeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia
Lyc. Lycaste Natural
Masd. Masdevalia Natural
Npp. Neopabstopetalum Neogardneria Pabstia Zygopetalum
Ons. Oncostele Oncidium Rhynchostele
Paph. Paphiopedilum Natural
Phal. Phalaenopsis Natural
Ptst. Pterostylis Natural
Slc. Sophrolaeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia Sophronitis - Synonym
Sns. Schoenorchis Natural