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Waitakere Orchid Club Display

Cym. Bombay Candy 'Betty'

Cyi. (C. granulosa × Psy. atropurpurea) × C. Chocolate Drop

C. Mari's Magic

syn: Lc. Mari's Magic

Phal. Flight Of Birds × Brother Elegance

Paph. Arthur Bell

Paph. (Cocoa Cherry × Red Maude) × Mod Maude


List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
C. Cattleya Natural
Cyi. Cattychilis Cattleya Psychilis
Cym. Cymbidium Natural
Lc. Laeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia
Paph. Paphiopedilum Natural
Phal. Phalaenopsis Natural
Psy. Psychilis Natural