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Onc. Dorothy Wisnom Crowborough

Den. cuthbertsonii

Den. hellwigianum

Paph. liemianum

Paph. victoria-regina

C. Dendi's Flash

syn: Slc. Dendi's Flash

C. kettieana

syn: L. kettieana

Isa. virginalis

Gchls. japonicus

V. Surat's Best Roslyn's Best

Spa. affinis

Psh. cochleata 'Alba'

Aerth. grandiflorus

Brat. Aztec 'Everglade's Green'

Cyc. Swan Cascade

List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
Aerth. Aeranthes Natural
Brat. Bratonia Brassia Miltonia
C. Cattleya Natural
Cyc. Cycnoches Natural
Den. Dendrobium Natural
Gchls. Gastrochilus Natural
Isa. Isabelia Natural
L. Laelia Natural
Onc. Oncidium Natural
Paph. Paphiopedilum Natural
Psh. Prosthecea Natural
Slc. Sophrolaeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia Sophronitis - Synonym
Spa. Spathoglottis Natural
V. Vanda Natural