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Cym. Last Of The Summer Wine 'Alf'

Cym. John Wooden 'Bombay'

Cym. Avant Garde

Cym. Eastern Peter

Cym. Eastern Venus

Ons. Midnight Miracles Rst. Uro-Day

Onc. Kendrick Williams 'Rosslow'

C. Lucky Chance

syn: Slc. Lucky Chance

C. Mem. Robert Strait 'Islander Delight'

syn: Lc. Mem. Robert Strait 'Islander Delight'

L. anceps var. veitchiana

Gom. cogniauxiana

Gms. Autumn Tints

L. rubescens 'Blanca'

Den. cymbidioides

Aslla. africana

Z. Adelaide Meadows Zba. Beenak Jester

Z. James Strauss

Srts. Blue Knob

V. Rothschildiana Ascda. Pudtan

Masd. Susan

Cuit. pulchella

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List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
Aslla. Ansellia Natural
C. Cattleya Natural
Cuit. Cuitlauzina Natural
Cym. Cymbidium Natural
Den. Dendrobium Natural
Gms. Gomestele Gomesa Rhynchostele
Gom. Gomesa Natural
L. Laelia Natural
Lc. Laeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia
Masd. Masdevalia Natural
Onc. Oncidium Natural
Slc. Sophrolaeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia Sophronitis - Synonym
Srts. Sartylis Rhyncostylis Sarchochilus
Z. Zygopetalum Natural