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Cym. Gentle Touch 'Bon Bon'

Grand Champion

Cym. Gentle Touch 'Bon Bon'

Grand Champion

Cym. Pure Love 'Herbie' × (Valley Rajah × Claudona)

Cym. Dolly x self

Cym. (Valley Rajah × Claudona) × Miss Muffet 'Agate'

Encycl. calamarie

Pths. matudana

Cal. sieboldii

Phal. Dou-dii Peoker

Phal. Rendezvous

C. Shellie Compton 'Touch of Class'

syn: Lc. Shellie Compton 'Touch of Class'

C. Hawaiian Splash

syn: Slc. Hawaiian Splash

Lcn. Splendid Drop

syn: Smbc. Splendid Drop

Lyc. Wyld Court 'Manee'

Lyc. Henty

Odm. Uro-Day × rossii

Rdza. decora

Wils. Hilda Plumtree

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List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
C. Cattleya Natural
Cal. Calanthe Natural
Cym. Cymbidium Natural
Encycl. Encyclia Natural
Lc. Laeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia
Lcn. Laeliocatanthe Cattleya Laelia Guarianthe
Lyc. Lycaste Natural
Odm. Odontoglossum Natural
Phal. Phalaenopsis Natural
Pths. Pleurothallis Natural
Rdza. Rodriguezia Natural
Slc. Sophrolaeliocattleya Cattleya Laelia Sophronitis - Synonym
Smbc. Schombocattleya Cattleya Schomburgkia
Wils. Wilsonara Cochlioda Odontoglossum Oncidium