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Den. Golden Arch

Pln. Shepherd's Warning

Cym. Heather Glausers

Den. Heaven 's Gate 'Grahame'

Onc. Rembrance Red Cougar

Oda. Tigersun Tigrinum

Cal. sieboldii

Cty. Summer Sangria

Rlc. Kinza C. aclandiae

Cym. Cymbiflor devonianum

Cym. Sarah Jean 'Ice Cascade'

Den. linguiforme

Cym. Pebbles Gloria Streeter

Cym. Tribute Scarlet Beauty

Phal. (Brother Pico Mulberry Brother Love Rosa) (Brother Gem Brother Love Rosa)

Drac. platycrater

Cym. Yowie Flame 'Port Wine'


List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
Cal. Calanthe Natural
Cty. Catyclia Encyclia Cattleya
Cym. Cymbidium Natural
Den. Dendrobium Natural
Drac. Dracula Natural
Oda. Odontioda Cochlioda Odontoglossum
Onc. Oncidium Natural
Phal. Phalaenopsis Natural
Pln. Pleione Natural