Pictures from the show

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Phal. Chian Xex Pearl Fusheng Beauty

Phal. Hsinying Earthquake

Phal. lindenii

Cym. Peewee pumilum

Cym. Peewee

L. millerii 'Bright Red'

C. guatamalensis

Holc. flavescens

Cym. hookerianum

syn: Cym. grandiflorum

Den. Our Native

(Den. speciosum johannis)

Coel. stricta


List of genera

Abbreviation Genus  
C. Cattleya Natural
Coel. Coelogyne Natural
Cym. Cymbidium Natural
Den. Dendrobium Natural
Holc. Holcoglossum Natural
L. Laelia Natural
Phal. Phalaenopsis Natural