Pictures from the show

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The display

Gold medal & Supreme award horticulture

Disa uniflora 'Rondel'

Disa Alec Lurie

Disa Glasgow Orchid Conference

Disa tripetalloides Var. Alba

Psh. cochleata 'Gigantea'

syn: Encycl. cochleata 'Gigantea'
syn: Epi. cochleatum 'Gigantea'

Disa Pink Pride

Disa Premier

Disa Watsonii

Disa Watsonii

Phal. Brother Love Barron × Black Ball

Masd. Falcata 'Triple G'

Masd. coccinea 'Red Glow'

Masd. Lyn Sherlock 'Otaki'

Masd. coccinea 'LRG'

Vegetable Carving